Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more football fantasy

The football season has ended and Villa have qualified for the Intertoto Cup (I think that means they need to start palying football matches again at the end June or something rather silly like that!).
The fantasy football season has also finished. As I suggested in February, I am now recognised as one of the up-and-coming managers in this particular aspect of the game….
As I previously reported, ten games into the season, I’d slumped to 630,638th in the UK; since then I’ve edged up to a mere 174,270th. I’m in various leagues and actually WON the Norton Hill league at school for example (ok, there are only 4 of us!) and ended up in 3rd place in another league (out of some 25 teams – but pipped by Colin… although, being a vicar, he did have God in his side or at least by his side!).
I can tell you’re still impressed!
Photo: Villa manager Martin O’Neill (who is rumoured to be interested in utilising Steve Broadway’s wisdom, authority and “can-do” attitude at Villa Park next season).

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