Tuesday, May 06, 2008

bank holiday walk

Moira+I went a lovely walk yesterday with friends Gerry, Gareth+Alan (and their daughters Iona+Eilidh) to Abbots Leigh – skirting Leigh Woods and via Abbots Pool and the Ashton Court Estate. It was good to discover new places right on our doorstep and very good to spend time in the company of lovely friends.
By pure chance, we ended up having a drink in the Tobacco Factory on our way home!
Photo: en route beside Abbots Pool


Alltough said...

Hi Steve, I have been guilty as charged for reading your blog for the last few months but never commenting on it. In fact, I spent the last few days reading all your entries from the last few months - especially of your time in Iona - that's where we met very briefly. I remember you very kindly coming to my blog and leaving a comment many months ago. But I procrastinated and never got around to acknowledging your message. Guilty again. But it was high time I came and said - you are the coolest grandfather I know. A grandfather who blogs. You must be your grandchildren's trophy! I will keep coming back for more. Keep writing. God Bless. Much love,

Mumbai, India

bigdaddystevieB said...

Altaf: great to hear from you! I still check out your blog from time to time... fascinating/thought-provoking stuff! God Bless.