Sunday, May 11, 2008

arts trail (again!)

Day One of the SouthBank Arts Trail went very well – perhaps not quite the numbers of the previous year, but still pretty good – and, for a change, the weather was sunny and warm. Although I didn’t take any photographs (something to do with impracticalities of holding glasses of red wine and camera at the same time!), Friday evening was really enjoyable – lots of lovely friends came along (70-80 perhaps?) and it especially good to see so many from school (they ARE just brilliant people!). Moira+I even managed to get out and visit a few of the other venues.
There are over 140 artists in 48 venues within a mile-and-a-half radius in Southville+Bedminster!
PS: It was really lovely to see Cara+Lisa - who came all the way from Oxford to see the exhibition! Stars!


Ellen Loudon said...

so soory we didn't make it. I didn't even leave the house Sat due to exhaustion and sunday ended up being caught up with family. How rubbish are we. Glad it all went off well. xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

no probs (obviously, you were sorely missed!)... Moira+I actually managed to get out and see some of the other venues - so we might have missed each other anyway! chill!