Wednesday, May 14, 2008

kielder challenge heats

Had a great day yesterday at Ashton Court in Bristol with our Kielder Challenge team. It was one of the regional heats and the Norton Hill/Fosse Way team were really excellent and came out winners (out of five teams) by quite a margin. We now have to await the outcome of the remaining heats before we know if we’ve been fortunate enough to make the finals in the Kielder Forest in September (there are over 300 teams participating nationally and we gather it will be touch-and-go whether we make the final twelve teams).
Fingers crossed (but, whatever the outcome, the pupils did REALLY well today)!
PS: As I’ve probably explained before, the Kielder Challenge is a national annual competition involving outdoor problem-solving activities for teams of eight 13-16 year olds (four with and four without disabilities).

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alice said...

brilliant! well done! xxx