Saturday, May 31, 2008

oil painting

Moira’s been having a clear out of the storage “cupboard” in her basement studio and this painting has mysteriously re-appeared. I was quite surprised to come across it as I hadn’t seen for ages. It’s one of my very few oil paintings and I think I vaguely took the subject from a photograph I’d seen. It’s all a bit dark and sombre isn’t it and the baby looks a bit like a rag doll!?
Also somewhat scared to see from the date that I’d painted it 38 years ago!


alice said...

flip, that means it pre-dates me by 10 years!!!!!!!! x

blue hands said...

aah! it's one of the things that always turns up when i have a clear-out. despite the fact that it spent some of it's life as the entry hatch to the roof space in one of our houses, i still love it! xx