Sunday, May 25, 2008

play-off final

As you might be aware, I’m not a Bristol City football fan!
As a Bristolian, I naturally wanted them to win yesterday and get into the Premiership (albeit just for a year perhaps!). So it was rather painful to be driving back from Oxfordshire along the M4 and to find ourselves amongst hoards of City fans making their sad, forlorn, homeward journeys from Wembley after their side’s 0-1 defeat to Hull.
From my own experiences of Villa-Blues in Birmingham, I am well aware of the competitive nature of local rivalry in these matters, but I wasn’t prepared for the vindictive, obscene and abusive nature of the home-made banners (presumably from Rovers’ “fans”) that adorned the various bridges as we approached Bristol - together with aggressive, gesturing from accompanying youths, celebrating City’s defeat.
I found the whole experience completely sickening. This isn’t what sport is all about!

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