Thursday, May 22, 2008

happiness for life

I know this might sound a little weird, but I’ve just completed an eight-week “Happiness for Life” course! It was run by friend Bruce Stanley, who is a “life coach” amongst other things (he also worked in a circus in some former life!) at the rather nice Pierian Centre in Portland Square, Bristol. I first met Bruce through “Foundation” and he is just a wonderfully-gifted and inspiring man (in his low-key, personable way!). Moira had been on a previous course of his and I was persuaded to go along by good friend Gareth - so we’ve been able to compare notes together throughout! I didn’t actually attend on the basis that the course would make me any happier (I felt pretty happy already) but I found it really enjoyable – and the other “punters” were good fun too.
What was really good was that it helped to underline what a good decision it was to retire from my architectural practice when I did (despite the big drop in earnings!) and it also reinforced a number of issues and galvanised me into action on other things.
I’ve discovered lots of new and helpful pointers for living my life to the full (or “goals to develop my happiness”) as well as coming across some great quotes – for example:
Happiness and a meaningful life come from making differences. But this is the most important rule to follow: always make the differences you can make, not the differences you would prefer to make but can’t”. Lyndon Duke
I’d thoroughly recommend the course and suggest you check out Bruce’s great “Embody” website for more details (it also contains a very good BBC radio interview about the course).
The next course starts in Bristol on 8 October.

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alice said...

thanks for sharing this dad, you and mum are so inspiring to me. xxx