Sunday, May 04, 2008

sandy denny

With i-Tunes, I don’t buy many CDs these days, but succumbed to temptation yesterday and bought the “Sandy Denny Remembered” double album for £11 at Fopp (yes, I know I’m re-living my youth). Last week I’d been at an excellent Kate Rusby concert in Bristol with Gareth+Alan and she finished her set by playing the Denny classic “Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” (who indeed!). She also reminded the audience that it was 30 years since Denny’s death (which again rather reinforced the song title). I remember seeing Fairport Convention in early 1969 at Oxford Poly’s 24 hour Blues Festival (those were the days) - what I’d forgotten is that Sandy Denny left the group at the end of that year to form Fotheringay.
Wonderful to hear her songs again (listened to nearly 3 hours’ worth while I was painting the basement!).

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