Wednesday, February 13, 2008

football fantasy

I last mentioned my fantasy football team back in October.
At the time things were going from bad to worse.
Since then, I’ve become an astute manager – a bit of a wheeler-dealer in the transfer market; in fact, something of a gambler (but with maturity+wisdom, obviously). Although it pains for me to say this, I made the bold decision to sell some decent players and buy Ronaldo from ManU (I told you it pained me!); it cost me some crucial points, but I decided that it was all about long-term gain.
Ten games into the season, I’d slumped to 630,638th in the UK; since then I’ve edged up to a mere 222,538th. I’m in various leagues (gosh, you must be really fascinated by all of this!): I’m in 2nd place in the Norton Hill league for example (but there are only 4 of us!) – but only 23 points behind the wonderful Miles – and I’ve just discovered I’m also in 2nd place in the EK Global League (out of some 29 teams – and ahead of such mighty managers as Colin and Glenn!). Not bad, eh?
I can tell you’re impressed.
Think I might stop here!

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Gareth Rae said...

Whatever keeps you happy!