Sunday, February 03, 2008

happy birthday jon

It was Jon’s 40th birthday yesterday.
He had a really good day.
We joined him for a few drinks last night to help him celebrate.
Jon is Welsh.
Jon likes rugby!
It was a tough evening.
I blame myself for England’s defeat…. they were coasting to victory with 20 minutes left; I was in a pub with Dave+Andy; it was my round; I battled my way to the bar (it took me nearly 15 minutes to get served). I’d literally taken my eye off the ball; I’d lost my concentration and focus (crucial in sport at this level); by the time I returned, England had lost their way and the Welsh team scented victory.
England shouldn’t have lost, but they did… as a text from great mate Jez put it at the end of the game: “what just happened?”
What indeed!


Gareth Rae said...

I'm not saying any more until I see how Scotland fare against the French this afternoon.

Enough to say that you would do well to cheer for 'les bleus'!

alice said...

OI!!!!!! It's your birthday too! Happy birthday steve too please!!!! xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

I'm saying nothing!!