Saturday, February 16, 2008

dream team

In the past, I’ve often talked about people making it into my “dream team”. People I’ve admired; people who have fascinated, entertained or stimulated me; or perhaps those who just seem to be lovely, interesting, compassionate people. I can’t remember the origins of this – perhaps an extension of the “fantasy dinner guests” idea? – but that’s of no consequence (and I’d hate to get them ALL together around a dining table at the same time!).
As Moira will tell you, I’m no gardener (although I am someone who enjoys lounging in gardens!) but, having watched the latest programme in the “Around the World in 80 Gardens” series, I decided that Monty Don was definitely someone who might make my dream team – he just seems like a really good bloke!
I then tried to remember names who I’d pencilled into my eleven - and couldn't (for some reason, it used to be 11 and it couldn’t include friends or family members).
How about the following 14 (allowing for substitutes these days!): Jon Snow, Tony Robinson, Monty Don, Billy Connolly, Jane Garvey, Desmond Tutu, Billy Bragg, Fi Glover, Stephen Fry, Twiggy, David Attenborough, Verity Sharp, Thom Yorke and Tony Benn?
The trouble is: I could come up with a completely different list tomorrow (just like with music)!


Gareth Rae said...

Who are Jane Garvey and Verity Sharp?

I have been watching Monty Don myself. I wasn't overenthusiastic at the prospect but Alan insisted and I have to admit that I am glad he did, as it was fascinating. The first programme we watched was the one on Central America. Then last night I watched the one on India which brought back memories of holidays spent in the tea gardens of Karnataka. I think we may have missed one in between. I'll have to look out for the repeats.

I'm inspired to devise my own 'dream team'. Watch this space.

bigdaddystevieB said...

Jane Garvey is/was a presenter on Radio Five Live (she's apparently now retired to spend more time with her family)- excellent journalist and someone who makes/made me laugh on a regular basis.
Verity Sharp, amongst lot of other things, is a presenter on Radio Three's "Late Junction"; she also appears quite regularly on "The Culture Show" on BBC2.
Somewhat predictably, I've thought of another half dozen names since yesterday!
I look forward to seeing your team!

Ellen Loudon said...

very interesting group. Will they all com round at once? One by one? With partners? What will you cook? red or white wine with a soft alternative?

I will have a think about my choice and see how we compare. xxx

ps talking of favorite dinner guests you and Moira must come round our sometime soon.

alan broadway said...

jane garvey has not retired...but gone 'up-market' and is now a 'womans hour' presenter.

no doubt andy kershaw may also have been on your guest sad he is currently 'detained' and unavailable.

bigdaddystevieB said...

Alan: Yes, Moira told me the same thing (I'd googled Garvey and the "Telegraph" informed me that she'd retired - typical!). Yes, Andy Kershaw would definitely have made the team too (or at least got on the bench)!
I've already got another six names: John Bell (Iona Community), Jane Bown, Antony Gormley, Eddie Butler, Tami Grey-Thomson and John Sentamu!

Gareth Rae said...

I've been giving some though to my list, and have come up with the following:

Bishop Trevor Huddlestone
Nelson Mandela
Mahatma Gandhi (can I have dead ones?)
Mark Tully
Stephen Fry
Sandi Toksvig
Nigel Slater
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
Evan Davis
Andy Marr
Tony Benn
David Attenborough

It is interesting to note that there is only one woman - who knows what that means!

Apart from the Mahatma I am sure that all of them have a good sense of humour, which is always a good sign.

What do you make of it?

Tracey Wheeler said...

That's really weird. We had a few friends round Sat night and ended up discussing Thom Yorke, 3 of us decided we didn't like his music but he seemed a really nice (ug) bloke and we'd definitely invite him round for some food if we met him...if we're allowing dead people, I guess the list could get a bit long. But I always wanted Douglas Adams to come to tea.

bigdaddystevieB said...

GARETH: Of course, as soon as I saw your list, I wanted some of them for myself! But where ARE the women then? Surely, we're not going to have to introduce quotas?
(dead people don't count... but see my note on Tracey's comments).

bigdaddystevieB said...

TRACEY: Perhaps we need to have a separate dream team for dead people ("dead dreamy"?!)?
As far as Thom Yorke is concerned, I'm lucky(?) enough to love his music too! Moira and our great friend Ian actually enjoyed coffee sitting next to Mr Yorke in the Jericho Cafe, Oxford - only problem was that Ian, a great lover of Mr Yorke, spent most of his time mesmerised by his presence!