Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ash wednesday

I’m using the “Lent and Easter Readings from Iona” book as a source of reflection over the weeks up to Easter. It’s a book of readings from members and staff of the Iona Community. This is an extract from today’s contribution from Norman Shanks:
Ash Wednesday… marks the start of the period of Lenten fasting. It reminds us of the self-denial and self-discipline that is in fact integral to the way of the cross. Lent is… a time for self-appraisal, for the kind of repentance that neither wallows in factitious self-loathing nor seeks escape in specious excuses. It requires a healthy realism about ourselves, so that we can face up to and accept responsibility for our mistakes and shortcomings, and the realism about the nature and purposes of God…”.
I know it’s going to be a challenging time!
Photo: cross in the window of the tiny “upper room” chapel, Iona Abbey

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