Tuesday, February 19, 2008

virgin media

For the past few days, we’ve had intermittent loss of our e-mails and it’s fast becoming a joke (but I’m not laughing!). We now get a situation when, if we’re getting any e-mails at all, sometimes Moira gets my e-mails. The good news is that, according to the hotline (it apparently applies to all “blueyonder” addresses), their chaps have identified the problem…..
A week or so ago, I made a comment on my facebook site to the effect that the words “virgin media” and “internet provider” should never be used in the same sentence. This came on the back of several days when we kept on experiencing problems with our broadband connection and spent several hours over the course of a few days with no connection whatsoever. It was SO frustrating!!
All of this makes Virgin Media’s recent high-profile national advertisements (full page ads in daily newspapers etc) for their high-speed broadband rather difficult to take! “Really, it makes the internet work the way it should. The way you’ve always wanted it to”. It seems that Virgin Media will provide us with fast broadband (and e-mails)…. but only when it suits them (and, at the moment, that’s not very often).
No doubt we’ll be getting an e-mail from them soon, apologising for their appalling service and telling us that, in compensation, they’re waving their charges for the next three months (don’t hold your breath!).


alan broadway said...

presumably this is an observation not a moan...whatever, change the purple band wrist!

alice said...

oh dad, how frustrating. HOpe they sort it for you soon. Looking forward to seeing and reading more about your bath!

Pete Gilbert said...

Ah... don't get me started about the bearded one's crappy "broadband", ever since he took over our TV and internet connections, we have seen the standard of service drop by the week. In fact for most of this week we didn't even have a connection at all.

I saw him waving off a new "bio-fueled" jumbo on the news this morning, and I was praying that he would get sucked into the engine... see what he has reduced me to?