Friday, February 08, 2008

he couldn't organise a.....

I may be losing the plot.
No one had organised the traditional end-of-term drink at school.
Gallantly, I stepped up to the mark.
I consulted no one.
It was all very logical. The end of term is next Friday; a “Snow Ball” has been organised where people are able to dress up in their posh frocks (Moira+I have opted out). I’m baby-sitting Iris on Wednesday evening so, selfishly, I decide that next Thursday is the obvious evening for our get-together (after all it was INSET day on Friday, so no pupils to teach).
I produced the poster – simple enough.
I duly stuck up posters in the staffroom advertising this not-to-be-missed event.
It wasn’t until I got home that Moira expressed some surprise that the staff had decided to have a drinks evening on St Valentine’s Day.
What? Oh no! What had I done?
note: Moira was perfectly happy about this – despite being born romantics(?), we very rarely ever go out on the 14 February – and she doesn’t feel the need to join me on school drinking events!
Anyway, it’s too late now. I anticipate there’ll be probably three or four of us there in the pub in Bath (I’d billed it as the “Bristol Self-Help Group on Tour”). We’ll probably find time to discuss a) the five worst-behaved pupils at school, b) the virtues of schools working a nine day fortnight, and c) how many teachers will be leaving in the summer.
It’ll be a magical evening! I can’t wait…..

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alan broadway said...

agenda item d) best be "the effects of working in the education profession on personal relationships"