Tuesday, February 19, 2008

chilling in bath (literally)

The weather forecast was for another beautiful day, so I decided to get up very early yesterday and drive to Bath with my camera. Arrived well before 7am and enjoyed walking the deserted streets. It was incredibly cold though (the car thermometer had read minus 5 at one stage on the journey!) and I didn’t actually see much sun before perhaps 9am. I ended up in a coffee shop to warm myself up, before further exploring in the sunshine!
I had a lovely time. It’s a beautiful city.
I then decided to drive to the seaside (well, Clevedon)!
Perhaps I’ll post some more stuff tomorrow….
Photos: bathtime images

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alan broadway said...

yes, as you likely know, went to bath last friday. it was an easy drive from brum and having left at 7am, lesley, eleanor, megan and i were having a coffee by 9. even at that time the city was strangely quiet. unfortunately we chose a cloudy grey day, but the architecture and bath stone were lovely as ever...but the 3 girls appeared to more appreciate the practicing bath rugby players (described as 'hunks') when we popped into the ground!