Sunday, October 21, 2007

it wasn’t to be….

In the four or so years since Alice+Dave got married, Villa have yet to win against ManU (Dave is a ManU fanatic and, worse than that, has converted his wife to the cause!). Clearly, yesterday was no exception (1-4) - despite Villa taking the lead – and I anticipate that the powers-that-be at Villa will be asking for the marriage to be dissolved any time now…

PS: my Fantasy football team continues to go from bad to worse. Another appalling week and my league position in England has plummeted to 324,365th (from "just" 218,205th at the end of September)!
PPS: oh yes, and in the really important game, the England rugby team fell just short of retaining the World Cup. I only managed to watch the last 20 minutes at the wedding reception hotel (one small TV in a packed small area and I “watched” it from outside the room four rows back from the doorway!). It seemed to be a case of South Africa dominance at the line-outs and perhaps a little too much kicking? The boys “did brilliant” nonetheless! Heroic stuff!

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alice said...

Dave says he was very restrained in not sending you a gloating text - out of respect for you, not the team. Sorry to let you down!

Dave was ready to end the marriage after a 3 year drought of not winning the premiership - I'm lucky things turned around last season or I'd be out.

Love you and hopefully see you VERY soon!


ps - on friday it was a year since Mikey moved in - HOORAY!!!