Friday, October 19, 2007

climate change

Attended an absolutely fascinating (and packed) meeting last night in Bristol entitled “Climate Change: A Global Injustice” with excellent, challenging, thought-provoking speakers George Monbiot (“radical thinker”), Kate Raworth (Senior Researcher at Oxfam) and someone from the World Development Movement (can’t remember his name!). It’s given me lots of food for thought.
I started reading the preface to Monbiot’s book “Heat” in bed last night. It refers to Tony Blair’s contention that Climate Change is “the single most important issue that we face as a global community”. Monbiot acknowledges that when the Government’s commissioned Stern Report was first published last year (assessing the economic implications of climate change), he initially welcomed it. It was only on reflection that he came to realise that Sir Nicholas Stern's recommendations actually “embrace a greenhouse gas target with a reasonable chance of causing mass starvation”.
The meeting was far from being a list of depressing statistics and I came away feeling strangely uplifted and encouraged.
I suspect that you’ll be hearing more from me on the subject over the coming months – and I think my MP will be too!

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