Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I indicated in an earlier blog that I’d had a problem with my camera on the Kielder Challenge and feared that it might be terminal. Well, so it proved. My friendly camera repair shop indicated that the LCD screen needed replacing and the cost was going to be prohibitively expensive (for a 4 year-old camera). I tried to buy a second-hand replacement on e-Bay but, frustratingly, was outbid at the very last second! In the end, I decided to buy a refurbished Canon PowerShot A640 (10 Megapixels and still with a LCD screen) – with a fair more memory than my old G3 (4MP) – for not much more than it would have cost me to repair my broken camera. Big problem is that I can’t afford it and have had to advise Moira that she’s bought it me for Christmas (and birthday)!
Just hope I haven’t made a big mistake!

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alice said...

Oh, sad about your camera. Really hope you come to love the new one! Keep having a nice break, hope you're getting some relaxing in the midst of bathroom diy hell. xxx