Friday, August 21, 2009


Have just returned from a few days away in Cambridge and Southwold. We had an absolutely lovely time and amazingly, given the weather in much of the rest of the country, were blessed by sunshine throughout our stay. Moira thinks the last time we visited Southwold was some 25 years ago and it’s still just as beautiful as I remember it. We spent two nights at The Randolph Hotel (not quite as exotic as the Oxford version, but it was wholly acceptable) in near-by Reydon village. I got up very early yesterday morning and arrived at Southwold beach a few minutes after the sun had risen on a perfect summer’s morning and I duly walked up and down the shore before heading back for a big breakfast! We spent a very relaxed time here. We pottered around the town, had an evening meal in the Crown Hotel/Pub, had a picnic on the beach, Moira did some shopping (while I read!) and we had a wonderful walk through the sand dunes to the Quay and then meandered back to the town across the Common and beyond.
The only problem about visiting the east coast whilst living on the west coast…. is, of course, the travelling!
Photo: Southwold pier shortly shortly after dawn.
PS: I'll also post some other stuff in due course about our time in Cambridge!

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Alice said...

Oh dad that sounds blissful! Can't wait to hear more and see some more pics. And a lovely weekend ahead of you too - what a week! xxx