Wednesday, August 12, 2009

benefits of old age

Spent the day with Iris at Bristol Zoo yesterday. Really enjoyable day and, as a bonus, the sun shone throughout. Also prepared food and drinks beforehand so didn’t end up spending a fortune at the cafĂ©. Anyway, the real point of this post was to underline some of the benefits of being over 60! I’ve recently discovered that, by showing my bus pass, I can get discount at the Watershed cinema AND Bristol Zoo (as well as on the buses, of course!).
It all adds up!
Photo: Iris and the lioness at Bristol Zoo (“females in profile”).
PS: Wonder if I can get a discount at Threshers?
PPS: They’ve introduced a fantastic aerial ropes course at the zoo (you have to be over 5 years/1.1m high) – it looks wonderful and kids+parents seemed to be really enjoying themselves: see

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blue hands said...

and Cardiff Castle!! (cheaper I mean)