Friday, August 28, 2009

golf with ken+steve

At very short notice and, despite the rather poor weather forecast, Ken, Steve+I met up at Ogbourne Downs for a game of golf this morning. The course was really excellent and represented a very useful “find” - being virtually halfway between Oxford/Chinnor and Bristol. The course’s location provided some fantastic panoramic views but, by the same token, meant that it was open to the prevailing wind (and, believe me, there was a lot of this about!). We’d joked that the high winds would at least mean that any rain showers would soon pass over. This wasn’t QUITE the case and we got absolutely drenched for 45 minutes or so in the middle of our round! Ken+I actually talked about returning to the comfort of the clubhouse at one stage but Steve persuaded us to continue – and thank goodness he did, because it DID stop raining, the sun came out and we realised that we would have missed some of the best holes of the course if we’d abandoned things.
It was great to get together, as always, and rather fitting that no one won or lost – we drew (winning six holes apiece)!
Photo: Ken+Steve in sunshine after the game.
PS: As I write this, there is thunder all around in Bristol - methinks we were quite fortunate!

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Alice said...

What a lovely week of catching up with great friends you've had!