Sunday, August 09, 2009


Our tomato plants have produced dozens of small green tomatoes. We’ve been waiting for them to turn red and yesterday Moira asked if I’d noticed that some of them actually had started to change colour.
But then she added that the red ones had also started to be eaten by the slugs and snails… Horror of horrors! I quickly checked and instantly “removed” perhaps ten snails from the plants/adjoining wall. How dare they? Before going to bed, I was out in the garden again – this time armed with torch! I removed another 20 odd slugs and snails. I felt like the Victor Meldrew of the gardening world! First thing this morning, I’ve been out there again and “dispatched” another 20 or so.
Suddenly, our tiny garden seems like a training ground for militant slugs+snails….
Suddenly, I feel as if I’m George W Bush organising an invasion….
There’s got to be a better way!
PS: I felt uneasy about taking photographs of any of “our” slugs+snails, so have resorted to Google, I’m afraid!

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