Friday, August 07, 2009

balloon fiesta

Moira+I got up very early this morning to walk to Ashton Court to watch some 76 hot air balloons make a mass ascent at this year’s Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Ruth+Stu+Iris+Rosa joined us in our dawn quest and we were very well rewarded by beautiful weather and blue skies. If you’ve never witnessed this early morning spectacle, then I really recommend that you make an effort to do so (but only on perfect summer mornings with very light winds, that is!)…. the whole atmosphere is SO much better than at the evening ascents. We returned home afterwards to eat lots of excellent bacon sandwiches and drink copious quantities of tea/coffee – and were also joined by good friend Angie (Wilf had to go on to work) and her daughter Orla and Angie’s parents (plus R+S+I+R)…. and, by the time we’d finished it all, it was still only 10.30am and the day was still young!
Photo: Iris’s friends Harry and Monkey enjoying the fiesta (note their thermos flask and cups!).

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