Saturday, August 22, 2009


Moira is positively in love with Cambridge (actually, I am too). Having lived in Oxford for a number of years and being absolutely besotted by the place, it’s somewhat embarrassing to acknowledge that we both felt that Cambridge was an even lovelier city. We’d both been to Cambridge before on a number of occasions – but the last one was an awful long time ago – and a visit was on Moira’s things-to-do-before-she’s-60 list! The weather for our visit was perfect (which helped of course) and the first evening we spent watching “The Tempest” in the grounds of Trinity College. The remainder of our time was spent happily sauntering in and out of colleges and through the streets, walking beside the river, visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum and spending quite a lot of time eating and drinking!
Photo: regimented punts on the Cam.


just Gai said...

You obviously weren't daft enough to attempt to take one of these punts out on to the Cam then? Now that would have been an interesting shot!

bigdaddystevieB said...

No... but I have to tell you that I'm an expert punter (really). The only problem with these Cambridge guys is that they stand at the "wrong" end of the punt (another strange Oxford versus Cambridge tradition).