Monday, August 10, 2009

links golf

Played golf with good mate Jake from school this morning.
He only lives round the corner from Burnham+Berrow Golf Course and so, at very short notice, we arranged to have a game on the nine hole Channel Course there (although we actually played 18 holes, if that makes any sense). It transpired that this was the very course that my lovely brother Alan first introduced me to some years ago when Moira+I came down to live in Bristol…. we didn’t actually play there, we simply used the public footpath that runs across the course!
Anyway, the links course was really rather beautiful (and testing) and we had a very enjoyable, relatively inexpensive morning before being treated to lunch by Jake's wife Charlotte back at his house.
Very nice!
Photo: this isn’t one of mine (I didn’t take my camera), it’s from B+BGC’s website.

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