Wednesday, May 30, 2007

tacky blackpool

Now I know that Blackpool has a reputation for being a really tacky holiday resort, but I have very fond childhood memories and have retained a somewhat romantic recollection of the place. Last Sunday, Moira accompanied me on a pilgrimage and we duly sat overlooking Bispham Promenade eating our chips and watching the occasional tram trundle past (where had they all gone?). Clearly, it seems that the only reason anyone goes to Blackpool these days is for a stag weekend (can’t actually imagine anything worse!)… I left feeling really quite depressed: everything IS plastic, cheap and incredibly tacky.
Maybe it was always like this and I just didn’t notice?
Photo: Blackpool: miles of empty beaches!
PS: apologies for not updating our number40 website for some time – the computer software keeps telling me it has “experienced an unexpected error” and I can't work out what's wrong…. Aaaaaaaaaaargh! Am left feeling like a grumpy old man (no comments please!).


alan broadway said...

i think blackpool itself was always pretty tacky...but in those days less plasticky. as a family we only accessed it for 'entertainment' (tower circus, pier shows [i shook lenny the lions hand!], cinema [we saw 'hard days night' whilst mom and dad saw 'cleopatra'] and the pleasure beach [on the last day if we had any pocket money left]. bispham was more 'sophisticated'. for children that enjoyed sport there was nothing better than stanley park in the morning and the beach in the afternoon...and of course EVERY day was sunny.

bigdaddystevieB said...

Interesting! I've been having similar thoughts and have come, more or less, to the same conclusions.... but sadly, the Blackpool tack has certainly spread up to Bispham!