Thursday, May 10, 2007

blair's going, going....

He’s finally going – or rather, it seems that there’s going to be an announcement later today of his intention to go (oh, do hurry up!)! I was a strong supporter until he decided to side with Bush and invade Iraq on a false premise. An articulate, charismatic, political leader – unfortunately, like many other people I’m sure, I ended up feeling I couldn’t trust him any more.
Photo: “Blair’s Lair” chalked on to a signpost near “Chequers” (Prime Minister’s country retreat) – someone had written “Brown’s” above the PM’s name, then had second thoughts and crossed it out! Do they know something we don’t? Actually, there was something in the Observer this weekend saying that, if he became PM, Brown would be dispensing with Chequers as a regular weekend retreat – so perhaps they did!
PS: this is an announcement of my intention to go to school today; I might issue further announcements when I set out from home and when I actually arrive at school….


alan broadway said...

i quite liked the guy and always felt his heart was in the right place. he was perhaps the first uk prime minister that adopted a more presidential style. we shall see more of that...and i look forward to the day when we are a republic. he at least looked fairly ok in jeans/polo shirt leisure wear - i remember john major in the usa where his idea of casual was to remove his suit jacket and tie. but all tony blair's good efforts will be forgotton and he will be remembered for iraq. what a mess we have created there. but if you thought blair was bad wait 'til you've experienced brown and cameron!

Sarah said...

I like him too. Ok he did make a mistake (a rather big one as it happens) BUT he has done alot of good things for this country. People tend to forget the good things, bad news always makes the news. What did the Tories do for us?