Wednesday, May 09, 2007

take me back*….to mull (not hyndford street)

Spent much of the weekend preparing the basement for this coming weekend’s SouthBank Arts Trail (eg. decorating, framing, hanging and moving lots of stuff out of the basement and piling it into the dining room!). Still not finished, but it’ll be fine by Friday (honest). Played lots of music over the course of the past 3-4 days, including loads of Van Morrison stuff (just brilliant!). One song – not a particular favourite of mine as it happens - took me back to a wonderful holiday/retreat on Mull with our great friends Cara, Fay, Gail+Ian from Anamcara (forerunner to maybe) in October 2001. As soon as I heard the opening bars of “On the Bright Side of the Road”, I was instantly transported back to our little wooden shack (it's in the top left of the picture) at Croig on a beautiful sunny morning, looking across the white sand to the flat waters of our little cove; Fay was cooking breakfast; and VM was playing on the CD player. Great memories!
Photo: Croig beach, Mull
PS: *obscure reference to a line from VM’s “On Hyndford Street” from Hymns to Silence!


alice said...

Mmmm! Isn't music brilliant?!
Actually that song reminds me of YOU, so much. Of a drive to swindon and you singing in a great gruff voice to make us smile! xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

Swindon? Why Swindon?

Alice said...

We were going to see a house with hannah or dropping her off after a weekend in thame. Not the most glamerous moment but still a nice memory of being together and finding each other funny!