Wednesday, May 23, 2007

leavers day

It was Leavers Day at school today for the Year 11s. It’s a great day when all the Year 11 students get a chance to dress up in their finery to celebrate their last “proper” day in school before (as the name suggests!) leaving for college, apprenticeships, jobs or before going into the sixth form. They arrived at school by various modes of transport: limos; horse+carriage; motor bike; racing car; camper van; tractor; hydraulic hoist; unicycle; pogo-stick et al!
As someone relatively new to the world of education, the whole business seems a little strange to me…. because they haven’t actually left school yet – in fact, it’s right in the middle of their GCSE exams! Nevermind, they all seemed to have a wonderful time!

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alio said...

haha! any excuse for a party!

can't wait to see you - only 2 more sleeps!