Sunday, May 13, 2007

southbank arts trail2 (+ten tors)

Well, the weather forecast had sounded pretty bad but, in reality, the sun shone for a fair amount of time yesterday. Lots of visitors (it felt just as busy as last year) – possibly thanks to Paul making contact with Steve Wright (Evening Post 24/Seven) who gave us a really good write-up in this week’s edition. Smiling and chatting to people from 11am until 6pm is pretty tiring (but good fun)!
I’ve added some photos to the SouthBank flickr site.
PS: Early morning news is that this year’s Ten Tors event is being abandoned due to very poor weather conditions – for only the second time in it’s history. I was really disappointed not to be with the teams this weekend and just know how devastated they’ll all be feeling by not being able to complete the challenge (but perhaps also somewhat relieved in the circumstances?).

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alice said...

Oh I love the pictures dad! Thanks for putting such lovely ones up - I love Iris modelling the beautiful clothes Ruth has made. Would you mind getting a shot of the pic hannah's done - all I could see was that it said 'the north' on it and I want to see!

I'm SO sorry to hear about the ten tors challenge - that's incredibly disappointing. Will they not be able to finish at another time or is that it? I really hope something can be worked out.

Have another great day!

Love to you all! Alice xxx