Friday, May 04, 2007

it was fifty years ago today…..

I remember it well (unfortunately, I really do!). Villa won the FA Cup (they haven’t managed to do so since!); Johnny Dixon lifted the trophy after Peter McParland had barged Man U’s goalkeeper into his own net (fracturing his cheekbone I think?). United seem to have been beating us ever since! I was convinced that 2007 was Villa’s year (50th anniversary etc) and very nearly placed a bet on them to win at very good odds. Unfortunately, we were beaten by (yes you guessed) Manchester United!
On his blog, Adam Bond has pointed out that the Villa have gone for a new crest/logo and I agree with him – it’s horrible!


Alice said...

Oh dad, I'm so sorry. I feel pretty bad now but Mikey wore his united shirt all day yesterday. He's nearly grown into his villa shirt though! That's the one you gave us with 'Becks' on the back - convinced David would return to the UK an play for the villa. I love that your predictions are so hopeful, but probably good you didn't put any money down!!


alice said...

Well, just been listening to the radio and perhaps Mikey should carry on wearing his United shirt?! He seems to be our lucky charm this season!!