Friday, June 01, 2007

I used to be a golfer…..

There WAS a time when I used to play golf with my brilliant mates Pete+Ken+Steve every Friday afternoon, throughout the year (in the winter, we sometimes only played 4 holes due to lack of daylight – but at least we DID play!). This has undoubtedly been the most difficult adjustment in coming to live in Bristol. Unfortunately, I hardly play these days (the last time was October 2006) and have just relinquished my membership at Stockwood Vale (I played at total of 3 rounds there last year!). But I'll be back(!) and I’m actually travelling up to Oxford very early this morning to play golf with Ken+Steve+Colin at my old club at Studley Wood. Having not swung a club for such a long time (and I’ve only just managed to locate my ancient golf shoes!), it could be quite interesting!
I might cry.
Photo: Steve+me+Coach+Ken at St Andrew’s in 2003 on our wonderful Scottish golf tour (met the amazing Tony/Coach for the first time when we played golf in New York State in 2001 – a truly lovely man).

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alice said...

Oh dad I'm just feeling so happy for you today!