Sunday, June 10, 2007

song of the earth

As Moira will tell you, I’m not a ballet fan. There was the famous occasion when we attended a premier performance by Ballet Rambert in Oxford (we’re sophisticated like that!). It was a Friday evening; I was tired, the theatre was hot and unfortunately I fell asleep(!). The performance finished and was met by loud applause; it woke me up with a huge jolt and I immediately shot up out of my seat and discovered that I’d led a standing ovation for the performance (much to Moira’s embarrassment)!
However, there was a piece on Channel 4 News last week about Darcy Bussell’s imminent retirement as principal dancer of the Royal Ballet and it featured excerpts from “Song of the Earth” which was to be her final performance. I found myself sitting absolutely transfixed by its shear beauty - the amazing intricacies of the choreography and the incredible skill of the dancers. I even found myself watching the final performance on the BBC on Friday night – just spellbinding!
PS: there is no truth in the rumour that we’re having wall mirrors fixed in our basement!

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