Wednesday, June 13, 2007

there are good people out there!

A couple of weeks ago I was very depressed about my camera. The zoom only worked if I used super-human strength and, even then, it wouldn’t actually allow me to take photographs! I took it into Jessops for their advice; they were very nice, but essentially told me that it would probably cost me £200 for someone just to look at it and that it would be more cost-effective to consider a new camera. I returned home duly depressed and started looking on e-Bay for a possible replacement - I just couldn’t afford to splash out on a new camera. Moira suggested that I took it to a local repairer (and even downloaded details from google for me!). I made some comment about them just telling me what Jessops had already told me (gracious to the last!). Anyway, I DID ring the firm (Luton Camera Repairs, Bristol) and they agreed to look at the camera; the man there was really nice and said he was optimistic he could help me. He rang me back a week later and told me he’d fixed it. I duly collected my camera and paid the bill….. £29.38!
Moral: always listen to your wife and don’t just assume everyone out there is out to get you!

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