Thursday, May 17, 2012

time out

When Ruth first suggested the “postcard” project for my time on Iona , I thought it was a lovely idea. By the time I arrived on Iona, however, I’d started to get “cold feet” – the prospect of producing 40 sketches (or pieces of text) seemed a little daunting (to say the least)!
But, actually (in my third week on the island), it’s proving to be a lovely little project that occupies a portion of my “day off” times (as a volunteer working in the community shop, I have three days off every fortnight).
It’s also been a great discipline to try to limit my time for each sketch to 20 minutes (absolute) maximum – and I think I’ve now already completed 16 thus far.
The quality is far from impressive – but it’s the thought that counts!
PS: the sad thing is I've been reminded that I hate drawing/painting seascapes/landscapes... I definitely prefer some building to focus on. hey ho!

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