Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mo left Iona this morning at the end of his stint of volunteering with the Community. Not only is he an absolutely lovely, amusing, gentle, generous man, he was the Community’s musician over recent months. He’s been absolutely brilliant. One of my long-lasting memories of my stay on the island will be his piano accompaniments at the twice-daily services in the Abbey (as well as his skills on the saxophone!). He would play the piano for about 10 minutes before the services started (getting there early was a “must”!) and has an amazing ability to blend his own compositions, established tunes and improvisation with apparent ease.
Absolutely breathtaking at times.
Goodbye, lovely man… we’ll miss you terribly.
Photo: Mo on the jetty before departure.
PS: fortunately, I’ve got a CD of some of his own music and it’ll be something I’ll treasure from my time here – bringing back memories of Mo and his sublime music.

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