Thursday, May 24, 2012

big gig in iona library

Had a wonderful evening yesterday in the equally wonderful Iona Library to see/listen to King Creosote+Jon Hopkins. The library is TINY (just 10x6 paces externally!) but still managed to cram in a small stage (just over ONE metre deep!) plus seating for perhaps 35(?)… it was a sell-out and it was indeed full to bursting. I’d bought their brilliant “Diamond Mine” CD a couple of months ago and, since then, have sent copies to my brother Alan and great mates Adam+Si. Much to my utter amazement, I received a message from Ian a couple of weeks ago explaining that they were “playing Iona Library” on 23 May… so, obviously, I just HAD to be there!
I arrived early - only to watch people piling cardboard boxes of books outside the library – to maximise space for chairs! KC+JH were great – not quite up to the musical standard of their CD, but very entertaining. It appears that that they’d spent from mid-afternoon at the Argyll Hotel being plied with a series of triple gin-and-tonics (which continued right through the performance!)… they also joined everybody in the Bar on the jetty afterwards!! They might not welcome this morning’s bright sunshine!
Definitely an evening I’ll remember!
Photo: poor quality pic of KC+JH concert – but note the wonderful library book shelves!!
PS: if you’ve never come across them, I suggest you click here to get a “feel” of their music.

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si smith said...

i'm very jealous... :-)