Wednesday, May 16, 2012

rainbow warriors

Every week we bid farewell to a number of volunteers at the Iona Community (and greet their replacements). On Monday evening, we had a barbeque as a send-off for Julia, Janice, Dennis and Friedhelm. Although it had been a reasonably good day weather-wise, there was always a chance of a shower or a downpour… and, sure enough, the heavens duly opened as we gathered around the newly-christened barbeque beside the beach. In typical British tradition, however, the party continued despite the rain and, rather magically, was blessed by the sight of a beautiful rainbow over the sound to round off the evening.
Not quite rainbow warriors perhaps, but…
Photo: rainbow barbeque.
PS: we were treated to the performance of a rather fine folk/children’s song by our German volunteers – only to be followed by our own rendition of the “hokey-cokey” (which apparently some seemed to find somewhat bemusing)! Surely not?

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