Tuesday, May 29, 2012

more postcards...

I’m continuing to enjoy spending a little of my free time doing very quick sketches around the island. Apart from one drawing (part of a stained glass window, which took me some 25 minutes – and proved far more complicated than I’d first imagined!), I’m really pleased to find that I’m keeping to my target limit time of 15 minutes for each drawing. Again, the quality isn’t wonderful, but they’re a good “snapshot” of my time on the island.
Very surprisingly, I discovered last night that I’d already completed 29 postcards (and I’m only half way into my 8-week stint), so the pressure's off!
My original intention had been to produce 20 sketches and 20 pieces of text. In reality, this has changed somewhat – I’ll probably end up doing all but say 5 or 6 as drawings – but that’s fine.
Photo:  the lastest batch destined for today’s post.

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popsy said...

wow, what a brilliant thing to do, both the postcards AND the whole Iona volunteering thing! We honeymooned on Mull, and managed a very wet day visit to Iona, it's on my list of must-visit-properly places. Wonderful stuff.