Thursday, May 03, 2012

iona revisted

The stunning weather continued for the second (and final) day of my journey. The 45 minute ferry from Oban to Craignure on Mull couldn’t have happened in better conditions – virtually windless and the water almost mirror-like. This was followed by the 70 minute bus ride across the island of Mull. In the past, this has almost invariably taken place in very murky, cloudy conditions and presented Mull as quite a menacing place - with the dark grey mountains really looking quite overbearing. My journey took place in perfect conditions – the sea and the sky were both brilliantly blue (AND I saw a golden eagle soaring above our bus!).
I met a fellow-volunteer (this was his FIFTH year as a volunteer!) on the Iona ferry and we were warmly greeted on the quay as we arrived on the island and taken to our respective “homes” (I’m staying in staff house called Cul Shuna – with perhaps 10 volunteers staying there? – and sharing a room with a Canadian guy)(I had been told I might have to share with four other blokes!).
I’ve been made to feel very welcome, given the usual staff briefing and have been introduced to (what seems like) dozens of people! I find names difficult to remember at the best of times, so I think this might prove a little challenging!
I managed to get a little exploring time during the afternoon and walked up to the beautiful North Beach (white sand, blue/turquoise seas – you get the general idea!).
Very tempting to make this into a blog diary – but, frankly, it would have been REALLY boring (and repetitive), so I’ll limit stuff to occasional observations…
Photo: Iona Abbey.

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