Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tom+ten tors on dartmoor

The weekend saw the final Ten Tors training exercise before the event itself in a fortnight’s time. After the horrendous weather of the previous session, Saturday’s conditions came as a welcome relief (if you can call it “relief” after setting out from school at 4.30am!) and students managed carry their heavy rucksacks across the moor before camping overnight in Princetown. Teacher Tom spent much of Saturday night complaining about his sunburn (as a result, we’ve formed a “Tom Hockaday bad sunburn appreciation society” on facebook)!
We were anticipating rain the following morning and, instead, were engulfed in heavy mist (which meant map bearings were somewhat vital as you often couldn’t see beyond 30m let alone any tors!)…. followed by rain.
The students were brilliant and, given the limited number of teams we can enter, it’s going to be a really difficult task to select the final team members.
Photo: Tom+hat+shorts+sunburn on the moor.


alan broadway said...

yes, the lower body does look extremely red

si smith said...

steve, either you've grown since we last saw you, or he is a very small teacher...