Friday, April 11, 2008

pace bene!

These are the words of a Franciscan blessing which means ‘peace and well-being’.
This is also the name of Ian Adams’s new website. As some of you will know, as well as being a great friend and hero of mine, Ian is the abbott of mayBe – an emerging church community in Oxford – and is currently spending much of his time working with and encouraging individuals and other similar church communities in the UK and beyond.
Pace bene! provides the gathering place for the various projects he’s involved in, each of which is dedicated to bringing about, in some way, peace and well-being in our local and global world. Not only does the website look wonderful (no surprises there if you’re familiar with other things Ian does), but it’s also going to provide encouragement and resources (eg. “Morning Bell”) for those travelling along similar paths.
Check it out, I think it’s just brilliant!

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