Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yes, I realise this is somewhat obscure, so apologies in advance!
Later today, I’ll be travelling up to Oxford to play golf with great mate Ken. For reasons I can’t fully explain at this stage (it’s something to do with his belated birthday present!), I was looking at various early photographs of Frank Sinatra (not the ones of him his 80s and wearing a wig!) and, for the first time, became very aware that one of my other great mates Ian (see recent pace bene! blog) was a Frank-look-alike! After Ken+I finish playing golf, we will be getting together with Ian to watch the last round of the US Masters.
Spookie eh?
Photo (just in case you need help) from left to right): Ian, Frank, Ian, Frank, Ian.

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Ian Adams said...

I'll take that as a complement Steve! Wish I could sing even a tiny bit like Frank...