Tuesday, April 08, 2008

don’t do this at home

Didn’t have time to scribble a note about this before we left for Lancashire…. Iris came round to “play” on Saturday morning and, as usual, this resulted in lots of giggling and general hilarity. At one point, I found myself using the kitchen units like parallel bars and swinging my legs to+fro – much to Iris’s amusement. It was all very impressive grandfatherly stuff until I swung a little too high and ended up falling with an almighty crash on the floor! As you can imagine, Iris was somewhat concerned by this (and I initially thought I’d broken my back!!) so, despite being hurt, winded and bruised, granddad had to put on a brave face and get up off the floor (very slowly!) smiling and joking, as you do!
As they say, it only hurts when I laugh!


alice said...

oh dad! xxx so good to have you here. Glad you're back safe. xxx

Ellen Loudon said...

oh dear. I did the splits on Saturday night (I'd had a few sherbets) and regretted that...it hurts. I have a great deal of sympathy for you. xxx