Wednesday, April 09, 2008

arts trail postcards

To save money this year, I decided to order postcard invites for our forthcoming exhibition from VistaPrint instead of our usual, very efficient Post Card Company.
Well, the invites duly arrived this morning but, instead of printing the 4”x6” image in the required “portrait” format, they’ve pathetically printed them as “landscape” – which means I have a very small invite and lots of surrounding white space! Even if I’d inadvertently ticked the wrong box (and I don’t think I did), you’d have thought that someone in Quality Control might have picked this up – it’s SO obviously wrong? I’ve sent off a complaining e-mail but don’t suppose it will help (and, anyway, we need the invites NOW). I’ll end up trimming every invite. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!
It’s just possible that we’ll set a trend for very small invitation cards?


alan broadway said...

don't trim - produce self-adhesive address labels for sticking over saying..."whitespace - a design agency made up of talented individuals delivering effective visual communication in print & online. call iain or emma on 0131 625 5500 for a chat or visit".

send an invite to whitespacers telling the story and asking for a donation for advertising them. may cover some of your costs!

bigdaddystevieB said...

oh bum! I trimmed all 250 postcards yesterday.... where do you get this stuff from? amazing (and I've just checked it out - really does exist!)(as if I ever doubted you)!

but hey! I've still got 500 offcuts (which I'll obviously be calling "whitespace" from now on)... any ideas would be appreciated!!