Sunday, September 09, 2012

the greenest government... never

As I’ve previously ranted(!), there have been growing signs that the chancellor is leading a headlong government retreat from the prime minister’s much-vaunted commitment to lead "the greenest government ever".
The recent Cabinet re-shuffle seems to have endorsed this view – with the appointment of Owen Paterson as environment secretary.
Although I’d love to be proved wrong (and that John Gummer might actually be an influence for good as chairman of the independent climate change committee), I’m afraid I back Ed Milliband’s view:
"Promising to care about the environment was once supposed to symbolise how the Tory party had changed. Betraying those promises now symbolises how the Tory party has not changed”.
The trouble is that this is MUCH more important than mere party politics… it’s about our grandchildren and their children and…

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