Wednesday, September 05, 2012

olympic park

Thanks to our lovely friends Andy+Antonia, Moira+I DID manage to get to the Olympic Park yesterday – and it was just wonderful to be there and to experience something of the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the spectators (including the huge roars from the Olympic Stadium). It was also great to be able to see the impressive architecture “close up” (albeit just the exterior views!) and the landscaped areas/meadow planting (and the impressive water installation below the pedestrian walkway from Stratford station – thanks to Helena for pointing this out to us in advance!). We arrived pretty early and it almost seemed that as if there were more volunteers than spectators… the transport system, the friendliness of the welcome and the efficient security arrangements were really impressive… as was the BEAUTIFUL sunny weather!
I’ve REALLY enjoyed the Olympic/Paralympic Games this summer. The sportsmen/women have been simply amazing and inspiration – as have the enthusiastic crowds… and it was brilliant that we were actually able to get there to “witness” just a little piece of it.  
Photo: Olympic Stadium (by Populous+Buro Happold).
PS:  I’ve been a complete failure when it came to trying to order Olympic tickets! Sadly, I did NOT get round to ordering any tickets all those months ago (pure laziness), but as soon as the Olympics started, I really regretted my lethargy and was DESPERATE to try and get my hands on some tickets.  I duly registered on the London 2012 website and then spent absolutely AGES (over the course of several days) trying to book tickets – for ANYTHING! Unfortunately, I was completely unsuccessful. It appeared that the ONLY tickets I was being offered were Paralympic opening or closing ceremonies at a cost of £300 plus (needless to say, I didn’t pursue these)!
Everybody else(?) eventually seemed to be able to get into see some sporting action, but I’m afraid I was simply useless – BUT nevermind… just getting into the Olympic Park was simply brilliant!
PPS: we also failed to get to see our doctor friend Steve, who was one of the volunteers on the medical team – which was a great shame (but we’ve enjoyed his FB updates through both the Olympic and Paralympic Games!).
PPPS: but we DID see double gold

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just Gai said...

I'm glad to hear it was worth all the effort. Looking forward to the photos.