Thursday, September 13, 2012

new blog

Now that most of our number40 family members have got their own blogs/websites, I thought it was about time our rarely-used (by us at least!) website was kicked into touch. It’s served its purpose but, frankly, we’ve just been too lazy to update it (and there’s nothing worse than an out-dated website!) and we’ve all “moved on”, as it were.
As this blog of mine has virtually none of my “arty stuff”, I thought I’d set myself a new challenge – by setting up a new blog which is simply used for my “art” images, with a view to posting a daily drawing or painting or photograph (a simple image, no text – except a line of explanation, if necessary).
As you might suspect, I think it’ll be relatively straightforward to come up with a daily photograph; the REAL test will be trying to produce some regularly drawings (and paintings might be something of a rarity!).
Anyway, let’s see how it goes… but don’t hold your breath!

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