Thursday, September 13, 2012

shy fountain

I mentioned on facebook that Rosa+I would be having one our regular playdays today and that, a very brief part of it at least, would involve revisiting Bristol’s “shy fountain”. I have to say that Rosa+I have become quite attached to this lovely, virtually hidden, almost-secret fountain. We frequently walk past it (or through it, if we’re really feeling brave!). Actually, it was a little time before we (ie. me) noticed the “shy fountain” description on the adjoining low wall and it’s really only been since then that we’ve taken the fountain to our hearts (afterall, whoever’s heard of “shy fountain”?). If you’ve got young (grand)children, then I suggest you make a note of this and duly pay it homage… and, of course, it’s free!
Photo: the shy fountain (and Rosa) – suggest you click on the image to enlarge.
PS: The Shy Fountain is located on Anchor Road (just opposite the Cathedral School and on the same side of the road as @ Bristol/it’s also at the end, ie. just before Anchor Road, of the straight pedestrian link between CafĂ© Gusto on the Harbourside and the Cathedral.

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just Gai said...

That's it. I'm going to seek it out next time I'm at the harbourside.