Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5:2 diet update (and re-think!)

You might recall that I recently decided to give the so-called 5:2 diet a “go” (ie. eating normally 5 days a week, then two days a week you eat 500 calories if you are a woman, or 600 calories, if you are a man).
Well, after five weeks, I’ve been reviewing things… these are my thoughts:
a) One of the reasons for adopting the diet was the possibility of losing a little weight (Michael Mosley, “Horizon” TV programme presenter, reckoned to have lost nearly a stone in five weeks). Well, I reckon I’ve lost perhaps 3lbs over the same period (I’m currently 14st 4lb).
b) For me, on my “fasting days”, I usually decided to miss breakfast and lunch altogether and made do with plenty of water and black coffee – and then eat my 600cals in the evening.
c) Unlike Mosley, I’ve no idea if my blood markers, like IGF-1, glucose and cholesterol, have improved.
d) Although I’ve enjoyed the practice of fasting, in truth, I’ve found the twice-weekly discipline just a little over-the-top – for comparatively little “gain” when it comes to weight loss. This probably reflects badly on my own laziness… maybe I’d feel a little differently if I’d lost half a stone?
e) My good friend Bruce has also been experimenting with the 5:2 diet – except that he’s found that a 50:50 diet (ie. “fasting” every other day) works best for him! I humbly acknowledge his self-discipline!
f) My 5:2 diet hasn’t really made me feel any healthier or given me extra “vitality” (but I acknowledge that I’ve only been using it for 5 weeks)… I feel pretty good anyway on a daily basis.
g) After pondering where I should go from here, I’ve decided to adopt a different eating/fasting regime: I’m going to “fast” just once a week (note: on my “fasting days”, I usually liked to spend much of my day walking and using the time for “spiritual reflection” and I’m going to continue this practice) but also to cut down on my red wine and bread intake a little(!).  
I might keep you posted from time to time (or not, if it all goes disastrously wrong!)…
Photo: Michael Mosley from the Horizon TV programme.

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Alice said...

Sounds very wise - I'm glad you're still finding space for the walking and reflection which was so inspiring to read about. xxx